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OnTrack Diabetes Quizzes

We have provided a list of quizzes for areas of your life where Type 2 Diabetes may have had an effect. Try each one out for yourself.

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Diabetes Self Care Quiz

Do you have Type 2 Diabetes? Try this quiz to see how well you are looking after yourself.

Try the Diabetes Self Care Quiz Now

My Emotions Quiz

This quiz checks out your mood where you'll learn how distressed you are and whether you may be showing signs of depression.

Try the Emotions Quiz Now

Nutrition - Fat Intake

Are you having too much fat in your diet? Do you want tips and ideas on how to cut down?

Try the Fat Intake Quiz Now

Nutrition - Fibre Intake

Do you have enough fibre in your diet? Take this quiz to find out.

Try the Fibre Intake Quiz Now

Physical Activity Quiz

Are you getting the recommended level of physical activity a week?

Try the Physical Activity Quiz Now