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About OnTrack Flood and Storm Recovery

OnTrack Flood and Storm Recovery helps people use their strengths and existing supports to work through practical problems they may be facing. The program gives information to help people make sense of their reactions, supports people as they make a plan to get started, and guides people towards moving forward. Stay tuned for updates to the site.

OnTrack offers free online programs aimed at helping Australians to achieve mental and physical wellbeing. A number of reasons such as distance and cost make it hard for many people to access health care services. OnTrack overcomes these barriers by offering online tools that can be used at the person's own pace, at times and places that suit them. The methods that are used have been shown to be work. OnTrack programs are interactive and help people to learn skills they can apply to their own problems. People are able to fill out quizzes, work out what the problem is, get information and access the program that is right for them.

All information is held confidentially on a secure server at the QUT campus.

About The Team

OnTrack was created by a team of Psychologists and IT Specialists in the School of Psychology and Counselling at Queensland University of Technology. It is a joint initiative sponsored by the Queensland Government and was launched in 2009.

The OnTrack Team
  • Professor David Kavanagh (PhD)
  • Ms Jennifer Connolly (BSc (Hons))
  • Dr Leanne Hides (PhD)
  • Dr Dawn Proctor (MSc, ClinPsyD)
  • Ms Amy Kelly (BA, BSc, GDip. Psych)
  • Dr Helen Stallman (PhD)
IT Specialists
  • Mr Steven Edge (BInfTech)
  • Mr Jeremy Gibson (BInfTech BBusMan)
  • Mr Lee Vaughan (Comm Design)
Research Staff and Students
  • Ms Tania McMahon
  • Ms Allysa Barrington
  • Mr Scott Ruddell
  • Ms Emily Hines
  • Ms Jessica Brands
Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation

The OnTrack team is located in the multi-disciplinary Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation at the Kelvin Grove Campus of QUT.