About OnTrack

OnTrack aims to support the Australian community to achieve mental and physical health and wellbeing. There are many Australians who do not access health care services for a range of reasons such as distance and cost. Making services available online means that more people will be able to get help for their mental and physical health concerns. OnTrack offers free access to online programs, information, quizzes and advice.


A variety of factsheets and links are provided, relating to a range of health issues. More will be added over time.


OnTrack provides people with the information and skills that will enable them to manage their own problems, helping them to keep their life "On Track"


You don't have to register to complete these. Your answers stay private and you receive immediate feedback about your results.


Advice on where to go for help and who you can talk to for a range of concerns including mental health, substance use and relationships.

OnTrack was created by a team of psychologists at Queensland University of Technology with sponsorship from the Queensland Government. OnTrack was launched in 2009. Any information you enter is stored on a secure server hosted by Queensland University of Technology.

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