About Current Research Trials

OnTrack is committed to providing treatments that work. To make sure our programs are helpful for people, we are testing them in research studies. If you take part, you will have:

  • Regular contact with a team member who will check how you are going, and provide support if you aren't doing well.
  • Someone to contact if you have questions.
OnTrack Alcohol

You are invited to participate in a research trial currently being undertaken in conjunction with the OnTrack Alcohol program. This trial aims to explore the impact of combining the OnTrack support program with newsletters focusing on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. These newsletters contain advice and ideas designed to help you lead a healthier life. 

Feedback from you will be used to improve the nutrition and lifestyle intervention. Your participation may help us make the treatment better.  You will need to be over 18 years old and drinking more than 14 standard drinks of alcohol per week on average.

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OnTrack Diabetes

For people with Type 2 Diabetes who are aged 18 to 75 and who live in Australia.

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