About The Team

OnTrack is an initiative of a large research group working within the School of Psychology and Counselling at Queensland University of Technology. Dedicated teams of psychologists and IT specialists work closely together to develop the website and programs.

The team members primarily responsible for OnTrack are:

The OnTrack Team
  • Professor David Kavanagh (PhD)
  • Ms Jennifer Connolly (BSc (Hons))
  • Dr Leanne Hides (PhD)
  • Dr Dawn Proctor (MSc, ClinPsyD)
  • Ms Amy Kelly (BA, BSc, GDip. Psych)
  • Dr Helen Stallman (PhD)
IT Specialists
  • Mr Steven Edge (BInfTech)
  • Mr Jeremy Gibson (BInfTech BBusMan)
  • Mr Lee Vaughan (Comm Design)
Research Staff and Students
  • Ms Tania McMahon
  • Ms Allysa Barrington
  • Mr Scott Ruddell
  • Ms Shelley Appleton
  • Ms Carina Capra

The OnTrack team is located in the multi-disciplinary Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation at the Kelvin Grove Campus of QUT.

Videos for OnTrack Alcohol and Depression were produced and directed by Little Big Films, and audios were produced by InVision Media.