Login Help

This page contains some of the frequently asked questions and problems reported by people accessing OnTrack related to logging in.

I can't access OnTrack. My password is not working.

There could be a couple reasons why your password isn't working.

  • Access to certain OnTrack programs is only granted after a therapist approves you. You will not be given a password until this happens.
  • If you have received an email containing your password, please make sure you have copied the password exactly. We recommend you copy and paste the password from your email into the password box.
  • The email containing your password may have been put into your junk email.
  • Use the forgot your password section of the site to reset your password. 

Please use the Contact Us form below if you have any other questions about your access into the OnTrack program.

I can't seem to login or when I do login, anything I click on takes me back to the login page.

This issue is probably caused by not enabling cookies in your browser. OnTrack uses cookies to make sure you stayed logged in, and so must be enabled for OnTrack to work properly. The following article from Google can help you enable cookies.