OnTrack Families and Friends

OnTrack Families and Friends

OnTrack Families and Friends is a free online program for people who are supporting someone with a mental illness. In the program, friends or relatives work out how they can help the person, and look after themselves as well. It is especially for carers, but can be used by anyone who is trying to help. The program was written by psychologists and uses methods that have already been shown to be helpful.

Who is OnTrack Families and Friends for?

Who is OnTrack Families and Friends for?

This program was written for people who care for a person with a mental illness.

You must be aged 18 years or over to register for the program.


What is in OnTrack Families and Friends?

The program uses methods that have been shown in research to be helpful. It looks at how you can help your friend or relative, but mainly checks on how you are doing and things that might help. The program asks you to think about different ways of looking at things and ways to work through problems you might be facing. It offers you practical things you can try out and asks you to set goals for the future. We have kept text to a minimum, included pictures and made it easy to understand.

The program gives:

  • A step-by-step guide through the program
  • A personal diary to spot early warning signs for the person, track your mood and enter appointments or events
  • Graphs that show how your mood is going over time
  • Interactive tools to help you adapt the program to your own situations
  • Summaries of what you have done in the program.
What is in OnTrack Families and Friends?

How does OnTrack Families and Friends work?

This program focuses on practical things to help you work through problems, get closer to people and make life better. It helps you to think about things that are going okay and making these things even better. The program helps you to set goals, make plans, spot early signs and risky situations, strengthen relationships and much more.

The program is interactive and will ask you to enter information to help you apply the ideas to your own situations.

How do I use OnTrack Families and Friends?

You can log on as often as you want, when and where you want. You can work through the program by yourself, at your own pace. Even when you have finished the program, you can keep coming back to do the tools again and again.

How do I start?

All of our programs are completely free to use and you can get access to them by filling out our registration form.

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