OnTrack Get Real

OnTrack Get Real

OnTrack Get Real is a free online treatment program for people who are having odd experiences, and are worried they may be getting out of touch with reality. The program may also help people in the early stages of psychosis, where they may be hearing voices or feel suspicious of other people. The program was written by psychologists and uses methods that have been shown in research to be helpful.


Who is OnTrack Get Real for?

OnTrack Get Real is primarily for young people who are having odd or strange experiences, and who need help figuring out what's 'real'.

You must be aged 14 years or over to register for the program. OnTrack Get Real should be used alongside other treatments for psychosis. It doesn't fix the problems in the brain that cause psychotic symptoms, it just helps people to cope. We ask you to tell your doctor or therapist that you are using this program.


How do I start?

All of our programs are completely free to use and you can get access to them by filling out our registration form.

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