These quizzes will help you look at different areas of your life and to check how things are going. They will also let you know if an OnTrack program may be of benefit to you. You don't have to register to do the quizzes or get feedback.

How is my Drinking?

This quiz asks you about your drinking. You will learn where you stand compared with other people, and whether you may have a problem with alcohol.

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How is my Mood?

This quiz checks out your mood. You'll learn how distressed you are compared with other people, and whether you may be showing signs of depression.

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Weird Stuff

This quiz checks out Weird stuff which are odd or unusual ideas or experiences. You’ll learn how any Weird Stuff you have experienced compares with other young people.

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Relationship Checkup

This quiz checks for stress in your family relationships. It asks about your thoughts and feelings and assesses how well you are coping.

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